Our Academics Information
Our Academics Information
The Career Center Library/Lab has a non-circulating collection of over 10,000 books, periodicals, videos, and directories and is one of the most comprehensive. Access to the collection is available Monday through saturday, from 10am to 4pm. In TPGC library two card catalog computer stations, a varied magazine collection, an online, networked lab of 25 computers, and a virtual reference library of 130 e-volumes--available 24/7. Students are welcome to use the library during Break, over lunch, and after college. An open sign-up arrangement encourages teachers and their classes to utilize the library and its computer lab any time during the college when periods are available. Library policies: Students are welcome to check out up to two books at one time. Overdue books must be returned/renewed and lost/damaged library books paid for before new books can be checked out. There is no eating or drinking in the library or computer lab area. Computer Use: Students are welcome to use college computers provided it is for college-related work and the District's Acceptable Use Policy--provided at the beginning of the year--has been completed by both the student and parent and is on file. Teacher-approved learning games are permitted at certain times. Inappropriate use of college computers will result in negative consequences.
Computer Lab
   Computer labs provide a productive working environment for students enrolled at the college who require computer access for academic activities. Computer labs are located in basemant at TPGC Center. These facilities provide a productive working environment for students enrolled at UNH Manchester who require computer access for academic activities. Our Open Cluster Lab offers a variety of applications. All computers are configured with MS Office suite, browsers equipped to access Blackboard and networked to printers. Scanners are available for course activities. The college has a well equipped Computer Lab with latest soft-wares and is fully networked with internet connection. There are two computers labs with 50 systems,2 Servers and other peripherals to cater to the needs of students studying in various courses.The labs may be reserved by faculty members for specific class sessions. There are 25 computers in Lab A, and 25 in Lab B. These Labs are available for students to use when they are not reserved for class. Schedules are posted by each lab for your convenience. A revolution in the arena of Cyber knowledge took the college by storm, when we came out with the first breathtaking issue of eTimes. ETimes features many issues relevant to Computers and emerging technologies. It is a Wall magazine with a difference. It is a fortnightly with inputs from students and faculty members. An electronic edition of eTimes is also maintained by the Department.
Geography Lab
Facts require experimentation and testing classroom teaching, supported by lab facilities which give students better understanding of the subject content. In the series of labs we have a Geography Lab in our college. The lab is well equipped with charts, maps, globe, slides, CDs for various topics of the subject. We also organize field trips for the students to study the natural occurrence of various facts. The physical geography lab contains an extensive topographic map collection, various aerial photos, and a variety of apparatus and teaching aids essential for weekly completion of student's lab experiments. A second function of the lab is to serve as a storage repository for various types of equipment used by faculty and students. In addition, the lab is used to conduct various forms of soil analysis.
The Department of Geography at TPGC operates three laboratories; two computer labs and one physical geography lab. The computer labs are equipped with Sun Solaris UNIX and Windows/Apple workstations.Lectures and lab sessions are held in the labs throughout the course. Students may work during these times only if there is room and work is done quietly. Teachers may ask students to leave if they are disrupting the scheduled class.The Physical Geography Lab is located in geography block in TPGC. This lab is a teaching facility for the department, but it also contains facilities for the analysis of grain-size properties of the coarser fractions of sediments and soils (by wet and dry sieving). The lab is used by graduate students, and by undergraduates taking courses in geomorphology and biogeography.
Psychology Lab
The college has a Psychology Laboratory equipped with various psychological tests and equipment. The Psychology students and members of the faculty make use of these tests for conducting practical work. Psychology Lab is an essential and integral part of an education college. The college has spacious fully functional Psychology Laboratory equipped with various psychological tests and equipment. The psychology lab is equipped with a large number of apparatus and tests on various aspects of psychology such as a child’s socio-economic, intellectual, personality and behavior dimensions. Knowledge of these psychological aspects is imperative to understand the needs of a child-centered curriculum and modalities of its transaction. The trainees learn various components of child psychology through various psychological tests which help to understand their students better. Intelligence Test : Non Verbal Intelligence Test, Performance Test, Group Test, M.E.I., Koh’s Block Design. Aptitude : Teaching Aptitude Test Battery. Attitude : Rao’s School Attitude Inventory, Attitude Towards Educational Administrations, Teaching Profession. Personality : Non Verbal Test, E.M.P. Inventory, Multi Dimensional Personality Inventory, Personality Need Inventory. Creativity : Verbal Test of Creative Thinking, Mirror Drawing Box, Non Verbal Test of Creative Thinking, Passi Test of Creativity.
Chemistry Lab
Contrary to popular belief, the laboratory portion of general chemistry is not designed to torture students. The laboratory is designed to support and illustrate chemical concepts studied in the lecture portion of the course, as well as to introduce important laboratory techniques and encourage analytical thinking. Of course, we cannot perfectly synchronize the coverage of material in the lecture and the laboratory, but we will attempt to make connections whenever possible. Along with concepts and chemistry covered in lecture, the laboratory portion of the course will present some additional chemistry, both theoretical and practical.
Physics Lab
Our physics Leacturers are so eager to make our course come alive. Our eagerness spurs a good deal of effort to relate the applicability of physics principles and laws to everyday occurrences. We love to show that photograph that depicts some application of physics in a lively, unique and practical manner. Our wish is that every student walk away from our course with the confidence in and appreciation for the fact that physics matters - that it relates to and enriches our experiences in life. And being that our subject describes the physical world that our students will touch, see, feel, hear and move around in, it isn't that difficult of a task to convey this message that physics matters.
Botany Lab
A lab is designed to provide students with a hands-on learning experience that will enhance their understanding of plant biology. It includes a detailed examination of plant structure, plant groups, genetics, classification, and other topics pertinent to understanding plants. In addition, this includes added labs that move beyond the standard plant anatomy and plant group exercises and are incorporated into all botany laboratory sections.
Zoology Lab
Zoology Lab can provide a useful resource for anyone enrolled in a Science Stream in zoology, or animal biology. It can also provide a "virtual laboratory" experience for those who do not have access to these materials as well as a source of basic zoological information. In keeping with these goals, users should understand that the site may change from time to time as we seek to upgrade and improve its facilities in the hope that it will continue to promote an appreciation for the Earth's extraordinary biological diversity!
Carrier@Tilak PG College
S.No Name Of Post Subject No. of Post Experiance & Qualification
1Principal1Accourding to UGC
5LeacturerPolitical Science6Net/SET/M.Phil/Ph.D
6LeacturerPublic Administration6Net/SET/M.Phil/Ph.D
17LibrarianLibrary Science1M.Lib
18Asst. LibrarianLibrary Science1B.Lib
19Lab TechnicianPhysics1M.Sc
20Lab TechnicianChemistry1M.Sc
21Lab TechnicianBotany1M.Sc
22Lab TechnicianZoology1M.Sc
23Network EngineerComputer Networking1CCNA/MCA/M.Tech &
Knowledge of Networking
24Receptionist 1Graduation With Knowledge of

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